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HR Records | Leave Management | Expense Claims | Overtime Submissions | Time and Attendance |

Contract & Document Management | Employee Notes

Pricing Structure

All Components Require the Base “Employee Record Storage” Subscription*

Pricing Based on Per Employee Paid Monthly.

HRIS Management Component

R7.50 Per Month

Time and Attendance Component

R2.50 Per Month

Advanced Asset Management

R2.50 Per Month

COVID-19 and Visitor Register

R2.50 Per Month

All Components Included

R27.50 Per Month

Employee Record Storage

Base Subscription*

R10.00 Per Month*

Terms and Conditions apply

All Pricing is per Employee per month

First 7 days are free, invoicing only happens after 7 days and payable via Credit Card online

No Credit card needed during sign up

Offer Valid until 30 November 2020

Only available for new Sign ups