Data Driven Online HR in 5 Minutes

Removing paper and automating HR Analytics for your business

Register online and start using your GENUS platform in less than 5 Minutes, it does not need to be complicated.

Take your leave process online, with a 100% paperless leave process. No more struggling with spreadsheets and calculating leave days, GENUS takes care of that for you.

Take your Claim process online for financial or overtime claims, removing the paper based processes, and reducing the risk of fraud and human errors.

All Employees receive Free Self Service, and you have full control into what they can see and how they use the system

GENUS has one of the most complete HR and Employee records available.

Now matter what your needs, you can store all the data about your employees in a online Electronic file per Employee.

Upload and store all your Employee Documents in the system and decide what you want to share with them and what to keep private.

Organizational documents like News letters and company polices can now also be shared with all Employees.

HRSimplified helps your business get the most out of the GENUS platform, helping you onboard your business and employees.

With modules to expand your platform you can now activate custom packages for your business:

  • Time and Attendance with Timesheet creation and tracking
  • Asset Management with Employee allocation and reporting
  • COVID-19 Capture and reporting to ensure the safety of your employees
  • Recruitment management to help you find that prefect candidate