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    1. How many Employees are in your business?

    2. Do you have a Online HR platform?

    3. How is an Employee Leave request currently processed?

    4. How long does it take to process one(1) leave request?

    5. Where do you store Employee Contracts and Documents?

    6. Where do you store Personal information of all Employees?

    7. Do you have back ups or copies of all HR records?

    8. How many years do you store all HR records?

    9. How many HR reports are submited every month to Management?

    10. How much time is spent on reporting every month?

    11. How many times per year to you recruit new employees?

    12. How much is spent on placement fees every year?

    13. Does your business have more than one branch or location?

    14. What is the Ratio of Employee to HR Administrator in your Business?

    15. What are you struggling with most in your business?

    16. Do you have any of the following systems in place in your Business?

    17. Would you like us to contact you to learn more about HRSimplified?

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