Remote HR management

Managing Your Remote Staff

Find out how the HRSimplified’s Remote Work Package can help your Business

ESS Dashboard

Full HR Platform

All Employee data is stored online and available form anywhere at any time. No more need to be in the office to access paper files.

All Employees get full ESS access to the HRSimplified Platform, allowing them to access the features they need for their day to day Human Resource needs.

From Submitting leave requests, checking in and out, logging time and creating time sheets, and answering their COVID-19 Questions (and more…)

Simple to use online Document storage per Employee. Upload all Documents related to a employee onto their profile, store it in predefined folders, making it easy to find, and access it from anywhere, anytime.

HRInsights is a HRSimplified specific feature, a simple to understand HR dashboard that comes predefined with information about your HR KPA’s to ensure you can make informed decisions in no time.

Ensure that all your Employees are safe. Load a set of 5 custom questions that your employees must answer everyday, to ensure that they are keeping safe. With them out of the office, you cannot keep an eye on their heath, with the questions you can check in daily.

If a Employee is a Manager or Team lead and has some management responsibilities the Online HR Portal allows them to preform their duties. Approving Leave request, Overtime and Expense claims, leave management and Time sheet approvals. (and more…)

Time and attendance

Allow your staff to check in and out with the Mobile app and track their check in locations on the map, to know exactly what your remote workforce is doing.

Now employees can check in and out whenever they need to. Add events for future planned activities or historical ones. HRSimplified Genus allows staff to capture time spent on key activities marking them as billable or non-billable.

Construction and Farmworkers need to check in whenever they enter the worksite. With the bulk employee check-in and out feature, supervisors can easily manage attendance online or from our mobile app.

Need to keep a closer eye on your team’s timesheets? With the My Team feature, the calendar display lets managers see how everyone is booking their time from a single view.

Reduce the time it takes to complete timesheets with bulk submissions and approvals for all employees. Configure which tasks need to be submitted and approved to help Managers avoid working through tons of unnecessary entries.

In larger organizations, it’s difficult to keep track of which employees are in and out of the office (and available) and which are not. With HRSimplified Genus’s T&A Solution you can quickly view who is actively working on tasks, a massive timesaver for any receptionist.

Time and Attendance with Map
HRSimplified GENUS Asset Management

Asset management

Get an instant overview of all the current value and depreciation on key assets. Keep data organized with asset type categories you can set and manage on your own.

Create a fully-searchable list of all assets and keep it updated without a fuss. Access restrictions ensure that only approved staff can add or edit records. Intuitive fields help ensure correct values are always captured. 

Quick asset reports put the information you need to budget properly at your fingertips. Regain those lost hours spent just trying to figure out what it is you actually need. Click, download to Excel and start making decisions.

Ordering consumable stock has never been simpler.  Fully control orders, stock availability, and order approvals to ensure Employees always have exactly what they need to perform their duties.

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