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HRSimplified working with Symmetry Hub to build successful businesses



“You don’t build a business, you build people, then people build the business.”

– Zig Ziglar

It is important when you create a Start-up, to start with the correct foundations in place. This includes good solid tools and platforms. Implementing the tools when the business is still small helps reduce the costs and ensure that it becomes part of the culture of the business.

Ensure you have your HR solution in place to manage your most important asset, the Human Capital of your business from day one.

Symmetry Hub and HRSimplified

Symmetry connects business owners with tools and service providers that specialise in supporting and accelerating small business growth.

What does this mean for my Start-up business?

A special has been setup by Symmerty with HRSimplified to assist their clients to implement an Online HR platform.

    • First 30 Days free for all Symmetry referred clients
    • Full Cloud based HR-IS solution
    • Compliance for your Business
    • Better Employee management and Employee wellness
    • COVID-19 back to the office Register to ensure your Employee safety
    • Online Time and Attendance System
    • Online Asset Management System
    • HR Insights and HR Planner for your HR team

FREE Access for 30 Days


HRSim Main Platform

HRSimplified Platform

Cloud based HR system that manages your Employee HR Records, HR Notes, Time-off management, Expense and Overtime claims, and more

Time and Attendance

Extension to activate Time and Attendance system on HRSimplified.

Time and Attendance
Asset Management

Asset Management

Extension to activate Asset Management system on HRSimplified.

COVID-19 Employee and Visitor Register

COVID-19 and Visitor Log Register system as a Stand alone system or fully integrated with our HRIS Platform (HRSimplified)

COVID Capture

FREE Access for 30 Days