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    HRSimplified is a online HRIS system that help companies of all sizes to manage their people and HR. It is simple to use, highly customizable to ensure it can work in any region, and most important… easy to use.

    See what our customers say.

    Jessica @ – “We’ve been using HR Simplified for over 2 years. The automation of HR Simplified streamlined our HR processes and leave management significantly.”

    Wimpie @ Nichecoms – “No more paperwork or spreadsheets combined with the exceptional customer service we received from day one was amazing.”

    Nombulelo @ ITThynk – “The HRInsights have been really useful. The ability to store important employee documents. The system is fairly easy to use, no fuss no complications.”

    Online Leave Management

    Process all leave management for your employees on the platform, no more paper needed. Employees can manage their own leave application while their mangers can approve or reject it, while HRSimplified keeps track of the balance for you.

    Cloud based HRIS software

    With HRSimplified you get a full feature cloud based HRIS system with features you would expect from Enterprise Human Capital systems. It was built with customer feedback from day one. It does what our clients expect in a way they would understand.

    Works for any size business

    No matter the size of your business, the one thing all businesses have in common are Employees that create HR data and need to be managed. HRSimplified makes it easy to process Employee data, easy to work with, and paperless.