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HRSimplified, for Modern business.

Elevate HR with HRSimplified. Our platform centralizes HR data, streamlines processes, and manages people, projects, and performance.

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Join more than 2500 happy customers.

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What you’ll gain access to

Streamlined HR Processes & Cost Reduction

Streamline HR processes and reduce costs with our comprehensive solutions. Focus on strategic initiatives while our platform takes care of manual tasks, including AI-powered Job Descriptions, to enhance efficiency

Compliance Management & Risk Mitigation

Ensure compliance with regulations and mitigate risks through robust management tools. Maintain consistent and compliant documentation across your organization with our user-friendly interface

Reporting & Informed Decision-Making

Make informed decisions with real-time reporting and analytics. Our platform offers insights into key HR metrics to support strategic planning, performance reviews, and overall business growth

Accessing the HRIS

Simplifying HR Management

Your employees can submit their leave and claims, view job descriptions, acknowledge company policies, maintain their personal data, and even complete performance self assessments and surveys, from anywhere on the People management system.

Paperless Digital Employee Files

Stop doing people management on paper, now you can upgrade your Paper Based HR processes, or outdated HR system, to an online HR management platform that includes HRIS and HRMS benefits.

Online People Management
HRIS with HR Analytics

People Analytics and Reporting

Reporting on your people practices have never been easier, with powerful HRIS, HRMS and Analytics capabilities the real time data on our HR software will help you make informed decisions when you need to.

  • Additional HRIS Modules

People management features

Harness the power of artificial intelligence with HRSimplified’s AI Assistant. Our advanced AI capabilities offer:

AI-Generated Job Descriptions: No more tedious drafting! Simply select the job title you need, and our AI will craft a comprehensive job description tailored to that role. Customize as needed and set the standard for future hires.

AI-Crafted Employee Letters: Whether it’s a warning, disciplinary action, or an appraisal, just provide a brief description of the event. Our AI Assistant will generate a professionally worded letter, ready for employee acceptance and signature within the system. Streamline your HR processes and ensure consistent, clear communication every time.

A complete Performance management system, that tracks performance against OKRs and allows you to develop your Employees by assigning training and skills development.

The HRIS system now includes a TMSTraining Management System. It allows the user to add Service providers and available courses to the training catalogue, allowing the HR team to assign and track training for Employees. Training analytics and reporting offers the user all the data they need to manage their training needs.

Create custom Employee surveys or use the built in templates for Employee Wellness, Engagement and even a few Health and Safety questioners to assist with your HSE and more.

Means you have a better overview of key staff activities with a more efficient way of managing attendance and timesheets online.

With a basic Project management system, allowing for task tracking, booking of time, Agile scrum  boards and reporting on your Project progress

A Basic recruitment management system that tracks open Vacancies, and allows the user to manage the applicants through a workflow from Application status to Appointment as Employee, including Interview booking and Pre-Interview questions.

Means you can access and update your Asset Register online from anywhere. Simplify the budgeting process and determine what you need quickly.

Additional HRIS features and modules
HR Software and HRIS system

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HRSimplified Simplifies Your HR and People Management

Implement an Online People Management System with HRIS and HRMS, in only 5 minutes. Start out by using the people software while the HR system takes care of the rest. You don’t need experience in Analytics or any complicated setups. With our HR Software it’s possible to reduce your HR overheads by as much as 75%.

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We Enable High Performing HR Teams

With the correct Online HR Software, your HR team can reduce their workload by 50%

We Increase Employee Retention

With Employee Self Service available to all employees with streamlined approval processes, employees are happier.

Accessing the HRIS from anywhere

“HRSimplified Genus is arguably the most user friendly People Management solution on the market, their ability to simplify complex HR processes is astonishing. Built by keeping the unique needs companies in mind, it represents the future of HR Tech, driven by Online HR Solutions.”

Elmen Lamprecht @ COGO People Analytics

Founder at COGO People Analytics

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