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    • Employee Self-Service

    Simplifying Your HR Management

    Online HR Software allows HR processes like Leave Management to become real-time and easy.

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    • Online Human Resource System

    Paperless HR and Digital Employee Files

    With Online HR Software and the Paperless processes in HRSimplified GENUS you will improve your HR processes and Reduce Expenses.

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    HRSimplified GENUS HR Analytics
    • Human Resources Analytics

    HR Analytics and Reporting

    HR Analytics comes standard with the product, giving the HR team access to powerful HR Data Analytics .

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    HRSimplified GENUS Simplifies Your HR Management

    Sign up to HRSimplified in 5 minutes and you wont need 6 months to implement an Outdated HR platform. With HRSimplified GENUS it’s possible to reduce your HR overheads by as much as 75%.

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    With the correct Online HR Software, your HR team will grow into a over achieving HR Machine.

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    With Employee Self Service available to all employees with streamlined approval processes, employees are happier.

    “HRSimplified Genus is arguably the most user friendly HR solution in the market, their ability to simplify complex HR processes is astonishing. Built by keeping the unique needs companies in mind, it represents the future of HR Tech, driven by Online HR Solutions.”

    Elmen Lamprecht @ COGO People Analytics

    Founder at COGO People Analytics

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