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Your HR must move to the cloud to allow less restrictions for your Employees to access HR processes, and your HR teams to perform better with the data being available to them from anywhere.

It is important to empower your Employees, allowing them to manage their own Human Resources will do this, and improve Employee Engagement and Employee Inclusion.

Reduce the time spent on HR practices, by having all HR processes and data in a Online HR solution. No more finding lost paperwork, no more manual reporting that takes days to run. Simplify and streamline your HR.

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90% of job seekers say that it’s important to work for a company that embraces transparency


Culture Fit

80% of Millennials are expecting a employer to have online systems that are familiar


Better Reputation

92% of employees will consider moving to a new position if the employer have a better reputation

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A HR team needs tools, without proper systems in place everything takes longer to complete. Do not tie up your HR staff members with outdated paper based systems that keep them busy and costs the organization money. Waste effort and paper costs are high.

Simplified Processes

With a simple to use Interface, anyone can use HRSimplified. If you have a skilled HR team, they can reduce expenses by up to 70% on waste effort in the day to day HR processes that are not streamlined and paperless.

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