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Performance Management

With these HRIS Features, you can setup your OKR’s as Mission, Vision, Goals, Strategic Plans and more. When the KPAs are setup they can be linked to OKR’s, allowing the scores to contribute to a overall OKR scores to measure results against Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Setup KPAs at company level, allowing managers to select the KPAs they need, making Performance management setup quick and efficient. Never has performance management been so easy.

Once the Assessment is created, the manager can send the Assessment to the Employee, the Employee will then sign in and complete a self assessment and rate their own work, sending it back to the manager for final review and approval

With every performance assessment you setup include multiple 360 review questions for peers to answer about the employee in review. Gather their feedback and include it in your review process. Send the peer review questions to multiple team members or peers, and either use the 4 preloaded questions or change them to what you need to track, simply and easily.

Once the Employee self assessment is completed it is returned to the manager allowing them to complete a final review. The manager can adjust the scores suggested by the Employee, select what skills are to be focused on for development and also select appropriate training from the company training catalogue setup by the HR Department. 

Once the Employee self Assessment and manager review has been completed, the Employee receives a opportunity to comment on the review before the  assessment is finalized. This allows the Employee to comment on the Review process for future insights into Employee happiness and engagement.

All Training service providers can be loaded on HRSimplified along with the sector that they offer training as well as the BBEEE contribution level.
Once the Service providers are loaded the training catalogue can be added that list the available training offered by each service provider. The list of training now becomes available to the manager to assign during the final Review of the Performance assessment.

Training Management

With these HRIS Features, you can start by loading the Approved Service providers and training on the HRIS, add the Course they offer to make the catalogue of approved courses available in the system for HR managers to select when assigning training to a employee.

During the performance management process the manager identifies training needs. The manager can allocate the training they recommend to the employee allowing the HR team to have visibility over the training needs of the employees development plan.

Keep track of the core skills that your Employees retain to ensure your business is certified where and when needed. With a training expiry dashboard its possible to see exactly who has a certification that is expiring in the next 3 months.

HR requires the ability to assign training to a employee on a individual basis when it is not identified in other processes like Performance reviews or career development. With the Training management (LMS) it is possible to assign training form a approved training provider directly on the Employee record.

In most businesses a need to train specific staff because of changes to procedures or industry standards, require HR to plan bulk training for groups of employees. With the Training Management (LMS) you can assign training to Job Titles, for instance all Engineers in the company, this will display the Job Title, training catalogue, and available Employees in that Job Title. This will allow HR to quickly select the relevant employees and apply a Bulk training assignment.

With a quick access menu item a view is displayed to the HR team to see all training allocations in the company with the status and other valuable information. With a powerful search option you can quickly find who has been earmarked for any training, if it was mandatory and when it is planned for, all in one place.

With the Training module enabled the HR Insights is automatically activated to display the key metrics needed to make strategic decisions on the Training needs in the business.  Giving the Executive team a high level overview of the current training planning and costs.

Time and Attendance

With these HRIS Features, you can allow your staff to check in and out from any device, and track their check in locations on the map, to know exactly what your remote workforce is doing.

Now employees can check in and out whenever they need to. Add events for future planned activities or historical ones. HRSimplified Genus allows staff to capture time spent on key activities marking them as billable or non-billable.

Construction and Farmworkers need to check in whenever they enter the worksite. With the bulk employee check-in and out feature, supervisors can easily manage attendance online or from our mobile app.

Need to keep a closer eye on your team’s timesheets? With the My Team feature, the calendar display lets managers see how everyone is booking their time from a single view.

Reduce the time it takes to complete timesheets with bulk submissions and approvals for all employees. Configure which tasks need to be submitted and approved to help Managers avoid working through tons of unnecessary entries.

In larger organizations, it’s difficult to keep track of which employees are in and out of the office (and available) and which are not. With HRSimplified Genus’s T&A Solution you can quickly view who is actively working on tasks, a massive timesaver for any receptionist.

With a Shift working component built into the Time and Attendance system, he user can now create Shifts for the year ahead, and allocate Employees to shifts. As the Employees work, the Leave and Remuneration calculations are automated based on the hours worked on shifts during the month.

Project Management

Create all your projects in the HRSimplified system to track all high level project delivery by employees, even include releases to make sure you can track down to release level the budgets vs spend.

Once the projects and releases have been loaded you can import your tasks and assign them to employees. The Employees can then select the project tasks when booking time with the Time and Attendance module to book their time on the correct project tasks in real time.

With a built in agile scrum board the employees can quickly drag and drop their tasks to allow the project manager to know what is going on in real time. Also capture comments per task to keep record of decisions or to make informed decisions.

With the project insights you can see what you are spending, what tasks are overdue and by how much, you can also see upcoming tasks to plan better. The Burn down charts help you know what’s going on, and with handy task reports you can have all the information you need about a task and the history in a simple PDF export. 

Recruitment Module

With these HRIS Features, you need to start in the HR Administration module and define the Job descriptions. Once a job description is created the a Request to hire can be completed using the Job Description. 

As new vacancies are approved they are automatically advertised on the internal and external job boards in HRSimplified. Allowing your employees to apply, but also external candidates via the Candidate portal in HRSimplified. Allowing your open Positions to get free advertising on the HRSimplified Job board.

With the built in approval process, a manager can request to hire a new employee, but only after approval (Online Signatures in the application) the position will be approved and placed on the Internal and External HRSimplified Job board. The Capacity planning section in the HR Administration module is also updated indicating the available capacity.

With the built in application management section, all external and internal applicants, go into a workflow that allows the HRSimplified user to manage the applications. The workflow allows them to reject, process, book a interview, send interview questions or make and offer, all in a simple to use interface.
While allowing the user full access to the application with CV, image, Skills match, Qualification and Work History of the Applicant. 

It is possible to generate a external link that can be placed on the company website to display a job board on your own website to allow advertising of your open positions.

With HRSimplified it is possible to generate unique URL’s (links) that can be post on Social media, like LinkedIN, Facebook, etc, that will display the open position and also track views and opens to report on Job Vacancy Analytics per position

Employee Surveys

These HRIS Features comes with pre-loaded Templates you can pick from a list of Employee Wellness, Employee Engagement and even Health and Safety Surveys.

With the Survey module you can create new surveys and send them to employees to receive valuable insights.

With custom surveys you can setup any questions you want, with different answer styles. Open text, multiple answer, Yes/No, etc.

They surveys can be setup to go an individual employee, or to everyone. Allowing the HR team to customize the surveys to help get the right answers from the right people.

Asset Management

With these HRIS Features, you can get an instant overview of all the current value and depreciation on key assets. Keep data organized with asset type categories you can set and manage on your own.

Create a fully-searchable list of all assets and keep it updated without a fuss. Access restrictions ensure that only approved staff can add or edit records. Intuitive fields help ensure correct values are always captured. 

Quick asset reports put the information you need to budget properly at your fingertips. Regain those lost hours spent just trying to figure out what it is you actually need. Click, download to Excel and start making decisions.

Ordering consumable stock has never been simpler.  Fully control orders, stock availability, and order approvals to ensure Employees always have exactly what they need to perform their duties.

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