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Time and attendance

Check in and out when you need to. Be able to add Events for future planned activities and historical activities. When Checking out the system allows the user to add a note for the record regarding the event just completed.

A External page that can be run on a Tablet or Mobile phone can be opened from any internet connected device. The Employees can then check in and check out with their Employee ID and a self managed PIN.

Need to see how your team time booking is progressing? With the My Team feature a calendar display allows the manager to see how his direct reporting team is booking time in a single view.

Timesheets need to be submitted for approval by a Manager to ensure conformance by Employees. Since not all tasks need to be Approved or Submitted, the system allows the Employee to decide what is submitted for Approval, or a bulk submission can be used to submit all.

Once the Employee has submitted the timesheets for approval, it will be available for the manager to review and approve. For ease of use a bulk approval is included to streamline approval, while single task approval is still possible for each event.

With a large organization it is not always possible to know if a employee is available at the office or not. With HRSimplified T&A solution we offer a screen to show if a Employee is current busy with a Task(Active) or not, allowing Reception to know if a person is “IN or OUT” of office.

Clock IN and Out

Asset management

Allowing a quick view to the user of your current value and Depreciation of Assets. Classified in Asset types categories.

Simple easy access to a complete searchable list of all Assets.
Quick “Create new asset” to add new assets as quickly as possible.

Easy to use online form in the platform allows your IT Staff and other particular employees to have approved control to add and edit Asset records.
Powerful but simple form with intuitive fields allows you to ensure you capture the correct values.

Simple fixed reports that allow extracts of all the data you require to make your IT budget decisions.
The structured reports remove the complexity of trying to figure out what you need. Simple click here and download in Excel works for all clients.
Reports are designed to include all data that would be needed to satisfy all requirements.

COVID – 19 Register

Screen your Employees every morning and submit the readings to be stored. Include if they are wearing a Mask, other PPE, what Workstation they are using and if they have other respiratory symptoms.

Replace your paper based Visitor register at reception, and keep track of your visitors online.
Captor all visitors, their mask usage, their temperature and who they came to visit.

Reports include

Organizational COVID report
COVID-19 Scanned Management
COVID-19 Exposure Management
COVID-19 Daily Questions
COVID-19 Visitor Visits

Everyday some companies prefer to record all their COVID-19 stats on a paper based form. The form still need to be stored securely in case of a audit.
With our new Company Document Folder it is possible to upload and securely store your COVID-19 scanning details to ensure compliance.

Submit up to 5 COVID-19 questions automatically to all staff on a daily basis and record their responses. You can load custom questions that suit your business.

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