Simplify Your Asset Management

Efficiently track and manage all your assets, from physical items to contracts, with our comprehensive system.

Take control of your assets with our robust Asset Management module. Designed to handle a wide array of assets, our system simplifies tracking, depreciation, and employee allocation, ensuring your assets are always accounted for and properly managed.

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Comprehensive Asset Cataloging

Easily catalog and manage a diverse range of assets. From tracking vehicle registrations to managing software licenses, our system adapts to your unique asset management needs.

Real-Time Depreciation Tracking

Stay informed with automatic, real-time depreciation calculations, providing financial insights and aiding in accurate asset valuation.

HRIS Employee Record
Assigned Assets to Employee in HRSimplified

Seamless Employee Asset Allocation

Integrate seamlessly with HRSimplified to assign assets to employees, offering a transparent overview of asset responsibilities and ensuring accountability.

Integrated Ordering System

Empower employees to order necessary items directly through their Employee Self Service portal, streamlining the management of consignment stock and office supplies.

HRIS Employee Record

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