Projects with Integrated Management

Seamlessly blend task updates and time tracking for comprehensive project oversight.

Empower your project management with our advanced module, designed to integrate closely with Time and Attendance for real-time task updates and accurate time tracking. Tailor-made for agile environments, our solution facilitates defining projects, tracking tasks, and visualizing progress through an intuitive scrum board.

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Integrated Task Updates and Project Tracking

Extend the functionality of the Time and Attendance module with task updates directly linked to check-in data, enabling precise project time management.

Agile Project Management

Utilize our scrum board to define projects and releases, create tasks, and track progress in an agile framework, enhancing team flexibility and delivery speed.

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Project Insights in HRSimplified

Advanced Project Analytics

Access comprehensive analytics to monitor burn down rates, cost expenditure, and detailed reporting, ensuring your projects remain aligned with their objectives.

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