Empower Your Workforce with Advanced Training Management

From vendor management to certification tracking, streamline every aspect of employee training.

Transform your approach to employee development with our Training Management module. Designed to encompass all aspects of training logistics, content management, and certification tracking, our system offers a holistic solution for advancing your workforce’s skills and compliance.

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Comprehensive Vendor and Course Management

Easily create and manage training suppliers, courses, and associated costs. Include detailed information like BEE levels for enriched reporting and better decision-making.

Integrated Learning Management System (LMS)

Host course content on external platforms and enable employees to access training materials, complete courses, and upload certifications directly within the system, ensuring vital certifications are always accessible.

HRIS Employee Record
Assigning a Course to an Employee during performance review in the HRSimplified system

Seamless Performance Integration

Directly link training initiatives to performance assessments, allowing for targeted training recommendations and streamlined development plans. This integration also supports advanced training analytics for HR teams and executives.

Proactive Certification Monitoring

Stay ahead of certification expirations with automated alerts. Minimize operational risks by ensuring all employees maintain necessary certifications.

HRIS Employee Record

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