HRIS Reporting and Analytics

HRIS Analytics and Reporting

HRIS analytics included as standard to ensure you get the benefit from the Online HR System

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HR Insights Dashboard

With a prebuilt HRInsights dashboard all Key Performance Indicators are prepopulated to show the HR Team exactly what the current overview of the Organizational HR status. Perfect for Exco meetings to display key data to Senior management.

Knowing the Employment Equity percentages (%) for your organization is important, most larger organizations are measured on this by the Executive Management team to ensure transformation.

Key values for Executive members consumption are available grouped by departments, e.g. leave liability, salary costs per department, leave analysis and key staff leave counts to monitor.

View key metrics regarding minimum leave and maximum leave accumulations, top skills in the organization and employees per job title.

Gender based salary spend in the organization at a quick glance to see the break down at any time, see what gender % are being paid more or less, and other metrics.

Regulation requires that a Employee Movement report is submitted for Skills Development Levy reporting, along with EA2 reports. As a Employee’s key data is updated because of promotion or job title changes, the data is automatically added to the Movement report.

HRSimplified GENUS HRInsights
HRSimplified GENUS Yearly Planner

HR Yearly Planner

A single interface that allows the HR team to plan well ahead for all HR activities. With a multiple calendar views to view the month ahead, or your daily tasks, don’t ever miss a activity again. Access it from anywhere, and see it in real-time.

With preloaded event types that can be created, its possible to plan the year ahead for all your HR activities, like Performance reviews, Year end functions, HR events and more.

When creating your event, it is possible to select a person, and/or an organizational team and/or a Department. Once event is created the system will invite each person with a personalized email with the event details to ensure they are informed.

HRIS Reports and Analytics

A single reporting solution that allows for powerful reporting, supported by the single online HR data repository, always allowing up to date and accurate reporting on all HR related data. Reports deliver in Spreadsheets or PDF.

With out-of-the Box liability reporting allowing an organization to see at any time what value the accumulated Leave is in currency, as well as a auto-calculated Retrenchment payout report generated on the most accepted standards in the industry.

Reporting on HRSimplified is simple to use and took years to perfect, with key data as well as extended data fields available in all reports, a single report can be more valuable than expected, allowing for less reports, but more focused reporting to the user.

HRSimplified GENUS Dashboard
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HR Analytics

With HRInsights you will have HR Analytics available for quick decision making

HR Reporting

With built in HR reports with key data sets you need less to report on more

“We have started using HRSimplified and it has simplified how we manage our HR processes. Leave management and reporting is now so easy, we never realized how much time we use to spend on HR Management in our company until now.”

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