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HR Analytics and Reporting

Fully leverage your online HR System with powerful HR Analytics and Reporting as standard.

HRIS Analytics

HR Analytics and Reporting

Our prebuilt HRInsights dashboard pre populates all KPI’s to instantly give HR Teams an actionable overview of the business’s entire Organizational HR status. Perfect for Executive Management Teams where Senior Management expects accurate data to make strategic decisions.

Access an accurate overview of Employment Equity percentages across your organization with ease. This essential feature helps drive transformation and assure Executive Management teams of large organizations that they’re measuring up.

Monitor key stats for Executive team members conveniently grouped by department for leave liability, counts and analysis, and salary costs. This indispensable feature helps businesses stay in business by being able to more proactively manage risk.

Drilldown and view key metrics for both minimum leave and maximum leave accumulations and top skills throughout the organization per employee or job title.

Instantly access salary spend grouped by gender throughout the organization from anywhere. Analyze what gender percentages are being paid more or less, and other critical, Employee Equity and BBEEE metrics at a glance.

South African Regulation mandates submissions of Employee Movement and Skills Development Levy, and EA2 reports. Automatic updates to key employee data (due to promotions or job title changes) ensure putting together an up-to-date Movement Report is completely automated.

HRIS Analytics
Annual HR Planner

HR Yearly Planner

Now HR Teams can plan all their activities in advance from a single user-friendly interface. Multiple calendars allow employees to view key tasks by month or day, in real-time. Never miss critical events (like the boss’s birthday) ever again.

Take the hassle out of planning ahead with different calendar event types for performance reviews, year-end functions, critical HR events, and more. Want to create your own? Sure thing. Create custom events on the fly simply.

Create your event, select which employee, and/or organizational team and/or department you’d like to attend, and go! Afterward, each attendee receives a personalised email with the event details to ensure only the right people are informed.

HRIS Reports and Analytics

Get all the HR reporting you need under one roof. All reports are pulled from a single online secure data repository to ensure you’re always looking at the most recent up-to-date information. Conveniently export and send all reports as Excel spreadsheets or PDFs.

Liability reporting is a standard feature with HRSimplified Genus. View accumulated leave (in currency) and auto calculate retrenchment payouts with one-click reports that comply with industry best practices. Executives and Team Leaders can worry less about risk management and focus on organizational growth instead.

HRSimplified consolidates critical information into singular (focused) views, decreasing the total number of reports you need to run. With key data and extended data fields available in all reports, you get more actionable insights with much less admin.

Never spend money on external consultants to draw up a Organogram for your business again, with the system it is autogenerated and made available on the HR Insights (Analytics) section. The organogram is generated based on reporting structures setup in the system, all you need to do is to ensure the correct reporting manager is assigned to a employee and the system takes care of the rest.

Company Organogram
HRSim Bot Mikey

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HR Analytics:

Means you have access to online insights instantly from anywhere. Make the right decision faster by leveraging HR Analytics and Reporting that’s accurate and reliable straight from HRSimplified.


HR Reporting:

Means you get all the essential reports to run your organization in one complete online HR management system. Spend less time re-compiling spreadsheets from multiple sources and discover key insights instead.    


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