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Having all your HR data in the cloud, means you always have access to the latest accurate HR Data at all times.

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Paperless Digital Employee Record – Online

Having a Digital online HR data file, means that everyone is always looking at the latest copy of the data. This means you can assure you don’t have any missing data when making your HR decisions. No pieces of paper that was not filed, or misplaced.

By having your HR files in the cloud, it is available from anywhere. This is important for the future of HR, not being locked into a HR Office that limits the access to data to office hours or working late night. Even when traveling the data can be accessed easily and quickly, with 100% accuracy.

With paper based HR files there is no structure, no search feature, and no way to see overall statistics. With our Digital Employee file you can quickly find data, report in real-time, and always be assured that the data you are looking at is the latest data (with no missing information)

HRSImplified GENUS Document

Online Document Storage per Employee

All documents are stored at Employee level. Finding Employee specific documents are easy and quick, with predefined folders that can be shared with the Employee if needed.

All contracts per employee can be uploaded and stored against the Employee Digital File. Allowing to manage the contracts on Type, Date, and if they were signed or not.

All documents are stored against the Employee record, making audits a breeze, and even allowing HR executive access to all documents form anywhere 24 hours per day.

Additional Employee Data

All skills can be captured and maintained at Employee level. Allowing HR to track the skills of each employee, maintain and manage it, and allowing for powerful decision based data to ensure Skills management is at a core of all HR decisions.

All Employee records contain a Job grade classification, it’s a generic value that can be used to map to your organizations grades, and if you don’t have them, it offers you a good opportunity to implement them easily.

With preloaded Job Titles, more than 2700 Job tiles classified in almost 200 categories to simplify groupings, and finding the correct job title for each employee. Having standardized job titles are important in any organization

HRSimplified GENUS Skills Management
HRSimplified GENUS HR Notes

Online Employee HR Notes

With the Manager & HR Admins having direct access to the HR notes at a Employee level, it makes it quick and easy to capturing any Warning or Disciplinary notes. These notes need to be stored as quickly as possible to ensure accuracy and they need to be easy to retrieve.

Notes regarding Salary discussion with employees, as well as notes related to events that took place during the performance review cycle are important to keep track of. Having lost discussions or forgotten what was agreed will lead to unhappy employees.

Having a quick to access HR Notes section at Employee level means that a Manager can quickly capture notes that would have otherwise been lost to memory. This could change the way performance reviews are being done, and how employee actions are recorded for future use.

Advanced Employee Records

Add Employee goals to the Employee record to ensure that career planning is always in mind when dealing with all Employees. Part of the building blocks for Talent Management and ongoing assessments

Keeping track of Employee benefits like all different types of Leave allocation, remuneration values, contributions towards medical aid, and pension or retirement funds, and more.

Each Employee has a separate section specifically assigned to the details of their Job, the tiles, their Employment details and setup, like managers, their role in the system and also their occupational categories. All of these data fields prepopulated to simplify the process.

HRSimplified GENUS leave
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Accurate HR Data

With HRSimplified you only store one copy of your HR Data, ensuring it is always accurate

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