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Cloud-based Digital Employee Files and HRIS

Securely store HR data in the cloud to access up-to-date staff information online from anywhere.

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Get Organized With Digital Employee Records

Access and update the latest versions of all digital employee files with ease. Can’t make critical business decisions because your data is inaccurate? Tired of missing and misfiled paperwork? Then it’s time to take your HRM online.

Create a flexible future-proof business that doesn’t limit HR data access to working hours or an office. Securely store your HR files in the cloud to ensure they’re available from anywhere at any time.

Digital employee files let you quickly find data and report in real-time. Make decisions with confidence based on the latest, up-to-date (and complete) data and overall statistics. If you’re stuck with paperbased HR files, you can’t do any of this.

HRSimplified Employee Profile

Online Document Storage Per Employee

HRSimplified Genus stores documents at the Employee level. This means Employee specific documents can be found faster than ever with predefined, shareable folders.

Upload and store all contracts for every employee in their individual Digital Employee File. Easily filter and find specific ones based on Type, Date, or whether they’ve been signed or not.

All documents are stored against the Employee record, making audits much less time-consuming and stressful. HR Executives can access any document 24/7 to promote greater peace of mind and compliance.

Online Performance Management

With a Digital Online Performance management system built in, HRSimplified allows the manager to submit a Employees custom developed Performance Management review for self assessment by the employee.

With Performance management linked to OKRs and the items that create them, it is now possible to track the performance in your business against your strategy and see the impact it has on business growth.

Most problems with implementing a Performance Management framework is the reluctance of the Employees and Management to adopt the new process. This is related to the additional effort involved in completing the process. To streamline the performance management process the HRSimplified system has the ability to create company wide KPA’s that can be setup by HR to allow the managers to simply select them and use them in their reviews, rather than expecting the mangers to setup the KPA. The Managers can still add new KPAs if need be.

HRSimplified Performance Management with OKR tracking
HRSimplified More Employee Data

Instant Access To More Employee Data

Capture, maintain and manage all skills at the Employee level to track skillsets for each one. Ensuring skills management is at the core of every HR decision is finally possible.

Easily map Job Grade classifications to each employee record. Don’t have any? With HRSimplified Genus you can create and implement your own in a few seconds.

Find and group the correct job title for each employee simply with over 2700 preloaded Job Titles (in nearly 200 categories). Standardized job titles drastically improve data management and HR reporting.

Capture Critical Employee HR Notes

To ensure Warning and Disciplinary notes are accurate they must be easy to capture, store and retrieve. Our online HRMS is designed to do just that and gives Managers & HR Admins direct access to all HR notes at the Employee level.

Conveniently upload and keep track of salary discussion notes + all events related to an employee’s performance review cycle. Not being able to recall what was discussed or agreed on leads to unhappy staff who leave.

Capture any note on any individual employee for future use in just a few clicks. Refine your performance reviews and employee management style by being able to retrieve important conversations and events that happened months ago.

HRSimplified Online HR Employee Notes
HRSimplified HR Record health

Unlock Advanced Employee Records

HR Analytics can only be as good as the data that is available for a Employee on the system. With the new HR Record Health indicator the system shows you how healthy each Employee Record on the system is, allowing you to correct missing data to improve your reporting and HR analytics.

Accurately keep track of all Employee benefits including different types of leave allocation, remuneration values, contributions towards medical aid, pension or retirement funds, and much more.

Upload each employee’s specific Job Details, Title, System Roll, and set Occupational Categories effortlessly with prepopulated data fields.

Each Employee record is displayed with a header to show personal and important details that the HR administrators would need access to, this includes, name, leave balance, position, location, In office or on leave, date joined, type of employment, etc. The list goes on to ensure you have unlimited access to quick data views.

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Improved Reporting:

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Means your HR processes are simplified and approvals get done in seconds without fussing with complex conditions.

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