Video Tutorials

Overview videos of the system to allow user to understand how to use the system based on their User type.

Why HRSimplified

See what the HRSimplified product can do for you business.

Employee Training

Explore how to effectively use HRSimplified to manage your personal HR tasks, from updating personal details to submitting leave and expense claims. This video is your guide to navigating the platform’s employee-centric features, designed for those on the Corporate package. Note: Feature availability may vary based on your current package.

Manager Training

Learn the ins and outs of managing your team with HRSimplified. This video covers approving requests, submitting claims, and utilizing management tools to enhance team efficiency. Tailored for managers within the Corporate package environment, some features mentioned may require an upgrade.

HR Executive Training

Dive deep into the strategic tools available in HRSimplified for HR professionals. From analytics and reporting to comprehensive management of HR processes, this video showcases how to leverage the platform for maximum impact. Aimed at users of the Corporate package, please note that certain functionalities may not be available in other packages.

Performance Management

Overview of how the performance management works in the HRSimplified system.

Training Management Overview

An overview of the Training management component

Recruitment Management Overview

An overview of the Recruitment management component

Survey Management Overview

An overview of the Survey management component

Onboarding your Company

A Step by Step process of how to onboard your company, employees and more.

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