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We Want Your HR Team to Succeed

By moving your HR systems online and giving your HR teams the right tools.

All our Leave and HR processes are now automated

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Let us work with you to implement a clear cloud based HR Strategy.

Grow your Human Resources

With all the HR tools in place, your Human Capital will grow and allow you to focus on your people

Employee Self Service

With Employee Self Service, the workload on the HR teams are reduced and Employee Engagement increases.

Paperless HR Management

Having all your HR data in the cloud, means you always have access to the latest accurate HR Data at all times.

Advanced HR Toolkits

With HR analytics included as a standard option you can be ensure you get the benefit from the Online HR solution

“HRSimplified has helped us take the admin out of HR. Meaningful reports and safe storage of employee information. Overall great service and always looking to improve and innovate their product.”

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Have questions? Friendly & experienced support is always an email away.

Harness The Power
Of Cloud Based HR

With Cloud based HR you can benefit from everything that Cloud strategy offers

With all data being stored in a single online data store, it ensures that only one single copy of the truth are kept at all times.

No paper based copies of a file that it possibly out dated. You are always given the latest record, and up to date.

With all employees having access to Online Employee Self Service, it means no more paper based forms that need to be scanned or couriered for approval.

Elevating your HR practices form waiting a week for approval on a leave request, to having a approval form the manager within a few seconds.

With strong data policies in place, you can rest assured that your Employees personal data is kept save and secure at all times.

With cloud based services the benefits of back up environments and the advance technologies offers seamless security and up time.

Reduce HR Workloads

With HRSimplified your HR team can reduce their workload by up to 70%

Speeding up HR

With automated workflows everything that use to be manual is now paperless and instant.

What problem are you trying to solve?

I have created my account, what do I need to do now?2022-01-18T08:01:53+02:00

Creating a Profile on HRSimplified Recruitment is a two step process.

Once you click on the Create profile, you will be taken to the system and requested to create an account.

Step 1: Picking your Username (Email) and password.  Once you submit, you will receive an email with your account details.

Step 2: Log into HRSimplified (using the Login screen located HERE) you will be prompted to complete your profile with the following details:

  • Personal details
  • Contact details
  • Current Employment
  • Skills
  • Work History with References
  • Education (Qualifications)

Once your profile is completed the system will start to find matches with open positions in the HRSimplified System

How much does it cost to submit your CV on this service?2020-12-15T15:19:25+02:00

This service is free to all candidates looking for a new position.

You will not be billed for any use of the platform.

What if I had applied for a Specific position and the Employer told me to register here?2020-12-15T15:18:12+02:00

If the Employer asked you to register, they will send you a Link that you can click on that will invite you to register.

Simply follow the prompts and populate your details, and remember to use the email address they sent the invite to.

Once registered and your details are uploaded, inform your new prospective Employer to check.

What do I need to have ready when I register2021-01-08T08:28:18+02:00

When you start the registration process, you will need to do the following:

  1. Register with your preferred email address.
  2. Activate your email address
  3. Update all your personal details (Name, Surname, current position, expected salary, address, etc)
  4. Choose your Skills list and experience
  5. Populate your Employment history and References
  6. List your Qualifications with NQF Levels
Do I need to register if I am a looking for a Job?2021-01-08T08:30:04+02:00

Yes, You need to sign up, create your profile and populate your CV details

What are the subscription terms, can I do month to month?2020-12-15T15:05:57+02:00

The accounts are month to month.

You are not tied into a long term agreement.


Note: if arrangements are made with Sales for a longer term sign up to reduce the costs, then the Month to Month agreement is not relevant and notice needs to be supplied for the termination period.

Once I subscribe, can I upgrade at a later stage to activate more features?2020-12-15T15:06:25+02:00

Yes you can.

Simply email the Support@hrsimplified.org team and ask them to upgrade your package.

A sales representative will be in contact to upgrade your account and supply pricing.

Can I add more than one module to my package?2020-12-15T15:06:43+02:00

As long as the base (ERS) module is activated any of the other packages can be added to the subscription.

For instance ERS with Time & Attendance, can also have HR-IS activated while not activating Asset Management.

You can pick what features best suites your needs.

How does the Subscription model work?2020-12-15T15:11:32+02:00

All subscriptions are calculated as a Per Employee Per Month fee.

If you are interested in getting a discounted package for a longer term please feel free to contact sales at info@hrsimplified.org

What are the different Modules that available?2022-01-18T08:07:33+02:00

HRSimplified is a multi module online solution.

At the core is the HR record with additional modules (Features) being enabled and disabled to activate a feature.

  • HR IS – HR Information system is the base product and includes the HR Employee records for detailed HR data per employee, reporting, leave management, claim management, HR analytics, and HR planners. (and more)
  • Time and Attendance – this is a add on module for a Time and Attendance online interface that allows employees to check in and out and generate timesheets for approval.
  • COVID-19 Register – a add on module that enables temperature monitoring and capture screens and other visitor logs to capture data regarding employee and visitor COVID symptoms for safe guarding your work force.
  • Asset Management – a add on module that allow for integrated Asset management, tracking asset costing, ownership, movement of assets to Employees, depreciation of asset value, and more.
Can I pay for my subscription online with Credit card?2022-01-18T07:47:56+02:00

Yes we have a Online Payment provider in place that can take online payments.

It is also possible to make payment via a EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), details to be found on the invoice.

Can I get a Free Trial?2022-01-18T08:08:51+02:00

The first 7 days of any account is free. This will work as a free trial period to get accustomed to the HRSimplified product and how it works.

After the first 7 days have expired, an Invoice is generated in the system, the invoice is payable within 7 days of being issued. This invoice is upfront for the first month of subscription. If not paid the account will be removed after a month.

I already have a HRIS system and need help to move to HRSimplified, can you Help?2020-12-15T15:11:32+02:00

Yes, HRSimplified has a strong support team that specialize in data integration services.

A email can be sent to the support@hrsimplified.org email to log a ticket for the team to assist.

They will be in contact with you in no time, and after deliberation and requirements gathering, a Quotation for the assistance will be issued.

After payment of the invoice the team will assist in loading and setting up the system and onboarding the employees.

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