HRSimplified Release Notes

Customizable Leave Forfeit Settings

Enhanced Flexibility with Custom Leave Forfeit Periods HRSimplified now offers a significant update to enhance leave management flexibility. HR administrators can configure the duration for which employees can accrue leave before it is forfeited. For example, setting the period to 18 months means employees can accrue leave for 12 months and retain it for an additional 6 months before forfeiture. This customizable setting, accessible under company settings, introduces a new level of adaptability to leave policies, catering to diverse organizational needs and ensuring a more employee-friendly approach to leave accrual and forfeiture

Subscription Renewal Reminder with Invoice

Stay Ahead with Our New Subscription Renewal Reminder Emails HRSimplified introduces a proactive approach to subscription management with our new Subscription Renewal Reminder feature. This timely reminder, sent three days before your subscription's expiry date, comes with an attached invoice for seamless processing. HR executives can conveniently forward this invoice to their finance department or opt to make an online payment using a card. This feature ensures uninterrupted access to HRSimplified's services, providing a hassle-free experience for subscription renewal.

Enhanced Time Management with Auto Stop Feature

Streamlining Work Hours: Introducing Auto Stop in Time and Attendance HRSimplified's Time and Attendance module now boasts an improved Auto Stop feature, further refining time management within the organization. This updated feature conducts a daily check at 9 PM, automatically stopping all tasks that are still running and commenced before the designated stop time, which can be set at a company level, such as 5 PM. This ensures that tasks, especially those extending into overtime hours, are accurately recorded and stopped at the predetermined time, enhancing the precision of time tracking and management.

Bulk Time Booking Feature in HRSimplified

Streamline Your Time Management with Bulk Time Booking HRSimplified introduces the Bulk Time Booking screen, a game-changer for employees managing multiple tasks. This feature allows employees to efficiently submit start and end times, notes, and update the status of multiple tasks in one go. Whether updating daily or weekly, this tool simplifies timesheet submissions, especially for those not utilizing real-time check-in and check-out features. It's time management made easy.

Comprehensive Time Report Feature in HRSimplified

Simplify Contractor Remuneration with Our New Time Report HRSimplified's latest feature, the Time Report, revolutionizes how businesses handle contractor remuneration. This comprehensive report aggregates all employee time bookings between selected start and end dates, providing a detailed summary in days, hours, and minutes. It's designed to streamline the payroll process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in calculating contractor payments.

Streamlined Project Setup with Enhanced Import Feature in HRSimplified

Effortless Project and Release Setup with Our Improved Import Feature HRSimplified's latest update enhances the project task import feature by integrating the ability to create releases simultaneously. This refinement simplifies the project setup process, allowing users to import project tasks and establish releases in a single, streamlined step. It's a significant time-saver, ensuring your projects are up and running swiftly and efficiently.

Advanced Data Tracking with SCD Type 4 in Employee Profiles

Elevating Data Insights: Introducing SCD Type 4 in Employee Profiles and Leave Records HRSimplified takes a significant leap forward with the implementation of SCD (Slowly Changing Dimensions) Type 4 Data Record on employee profiles and leave records. This advanced feature enables the system to meticulously track changes over time, transforming it into an effective data warehouse. This foundational enhancement paves the way for more robust and powerful reporting capabilities in future updates, ensuring that HRSimplified remains at the forefront of HR data management and analytics.

Enhanced My Insights for Managers in HRSimplified

Streamlined Managerial Oversight with Updated My Insights Feature HRSimplified introduces an enhanced 'My Insights' menu for managers, offering a comprehensive overview of their team. This update includes key details such as current leave liability, last increase or promotion date, last leave date, and last claim processed for each employee. This feature ensures managers are well-informed and prepared for one-on-one interactions, fostering more effective and insightful managerial conversations.

Enhanced Calendar View for Time Booking in HRSimplified

Introducing a Comprehensive Calendar View for Efficient Time Management HRSimplified proudly unveils a new Calendar view, designed to enhance the time management experience for employees. This feature allows users to view their time bookings on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, complete with detailed insights into each task, associated projects, and more. It's an intuitive way to track time spent on various tasks, ensuring better organization and efficiency in managing work schedules.

Employee Master File PDF Export in HRSimplified

Simplify Record Keeping with Employee Master File PDF Export HRSimplified introduces a convenient new feature for HR managers and Admins: the ability to generate a comprehensive PDF document from the Employee Master File. This feature compiles all key data fields into a single, easily accessible document, streamlining record-keeping and data management. Whether for audits, reports, or general HR tasks, this tool ensures that you have all necessary employee information at your fingertips in a well-organized PDF format.