HRSimplified Release Notes

Performance Assessments with Open-Ended Questions

Elevate Performance Reviews with Custom Open-Ended Questions HRSimplified is excited to introduce a valuable enhancement to our Performance Review templates. In addition to the existing KPA/KPI and OKR weighting selections (1-7) and peer review questions, you can now add open-ended questions tailored to your specific needs. This new feature allows HR administrators and managers to gather more comprehensive feedback from employees, addressing areas such as manager performance, team dynamics, and personal development goals. By incorporating open-ended questions, you can gain deeper insights and create a more holistic view of employee performance, ultimately fostering a more engaged and effective workforce.

Introducing Anonymous Surveys for Enhanced Employee Feedback

Elevate Employee Feedback with New Anonymous Survey Feature We are excited to announce a valuable addition to our Employee Survey capabilities within HRSimplified. Our Survey system now supports anonymous submissions, empowering your employees to provide honest and unfiltered feedback. This new feature ensures that all voices are heard while maintaining confidentiality and privacy, crucial for sensitive topics. This enhancement not only broadens the scope of feedback but also encourages a more open and inclusive workplace culture. Admins can easily set up surveys to be anonymous and gather insights without attribution, providing a clearer picture of overall employee sentiment and areas…
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Empower Managers with Time Booking Capabilities

Streamline Scheduling with New Manager Time Booking Feature We are excited to introduce a transformative update to HRSimplified: the ability for managers to book time on behalf of their employees. This new feature, accessible via the HR Administration section under the Action menu for each employee, streamlines the scheduling process and enhances flexibility within workforce management. Managers can now easily allocate time for their team members, whether it's for planned training, meetings, or other work-related commitments. This ensures a more efficient scheduling process, reduces time conflicts, and supports the optimization of resources and manpower. By enabling managers to directly book…
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Comprehensive HR Admin Reporting Enhancement in HRSimplified

Unlock Full Potential with Enhanced Employee Extract Reporting HRSimplified is proud to announce a significant enhancement to our HR Admin Reporting capabilities. The Full Employee Extract report has been upgraded to include all fields of the Employee record, providing a comprehensive overview of each employee's data. This enhancement allows HR administrators to leverage the full power of data manipulation in Excel, utilizing filters, insights, and more to analyze and make informed decisions. Whether it's for compliance, strategic planning, or performance analysis, this enhanced reporting feature ensures that all necessary information is at your fingertips, streamlining HR processes and improving overall…
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Enhanced UI and Self-Service Features in HRSimplified

Streamlining Employee Experience with New UI and Self-Service Access HRSimplified is thrilled to announce significant updates to our user interface, designed to enhance the employee experience through streamlined access and organization. All menus requiring employee interaction have been thoughtfully consolidated under the Home section, establishing a comprehensive self-service hub. New additions to this hub include My Performance, My Time, My Team, My Taskboard, My Tasks, and My Shifts. These updates not only improve the user experience (UX) by making it easier for employees to find and access the tools they need but also reflect our commitment to creating a user-friendly…
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New Employee Training Request Feature in HRSimplified

Empower Your Growth with Employee-Initiated Training Requests HRSimplified is excited to announce a significant enhancement to our training management capabilities: the Employee Training Request feature. Now available under the Employee Self-service in the My Training section, this feature enables employees to take charge of their professional development by requesting training from a pre-approved list of courses and suppliers. This initiative not only streamlines the training request process but also aligns employee development goals with organizational resources, ensuring a skilled and up-to-date workforce. By empowering employees to request specific training, organizations can foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptability.

New Report on Training Spend per Supplier with BB-BEE Levels in HRSimplified

Detailed Insights into Training Expenditure by Supplier and BB-BEE Levels HRSimplified introduces a groundbreaking report feature: Total Spend on Training Costs per Supplier, integrated with BB-BEE level indicators. This innovative tool empowers organizations to meticulously track their training investments, categorizing expenses by supplier alongside their BB-BEE accreditation levels. It's designed to aid in strategic decision-making and compliance reporting, offering a clear view of where training budgets are allocated and how they align with BB-BEE objectives.

Enhanced Training Reports with Cost Analysis in HRSimplified

Optimize BEE Skills Development Reporting with Training Cost Insights HRSimplified has enriched its Training Reports by incorporating Training Costs, a pivotal update aimed at bolstering BEE Skills Development reporting. This feature allows organizations to not only track training activities but also analyze the associated costs, providing a comprehensive overview of investment in employee development. By integrating cost data, companies can now streamline their reporting process, ensuring accurate and insightful BEE Skills Development submissions.

Advanced Leave Management Setup in HRSimplified

Tailored Leave Management with Separate Public Holidays and Weekend Settings HRSimplified further refines its leave management capabilities by introducing separate selectors for Public Holidays and Weekends in the employee profile settings. This enhancement allows for a more detailed and flexible approach to managing leave policies, accommodating diverse organizational needs and employee agreements. Whether requiring staff to submit leave for public holidays, weekends, or both, this feature provides the granularity needed for precise leave management and planning.

Self-Service Emergency Contact Management

Empower Your Emergency Preparedness with Self-Service Contact Updates In our continuous effort to enhance user autonomy and convenience, HRSimplified is proud to introduce a significant update to our Employee Self Service (ESS) platform. Employees can now add or edit their next of kin and emergency contacts directly through their ESS dashboard. This enhancement, previously exclusive to HR administrators, empowers employees to update their critical contact information swiftly and effortlessly, ensuring their emergency details are always up-to-date. By enabling individuals to manage their emergency contacts, we're not only streamlining administrative processes but also reinforcing our commitment to employee welfare and preparedness.