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Workflows For All 6 Leave Types

Now employees can put in requests for all leave types online. Select from the 6 pre-set types, submit and wait for your reporting manager’s feedback. It’s that straightforward.

Automated leave balances and built-in authorization features simplify leave management for employees and managers. Staff can even retract unused leave or credit untaken leave at a later stage.

Our notification engine sends leave email alerts to team members at the right times. Say goodbye to spam-filled mailboxes stuffed with messages that get ignored.

On the employee record an Operational Country can be selected to allow the use of alternative Public holidays for that specific employee when calculating the total leave days to deduct. It is also possible to setup a employee to work on a 5 day work week, or a shift worker that work on 7 days or longer, allowing the system to know if weekends and public holidays should be deducted or not.

Unpaid leave is a big risk for the business, it is important to manage it just as well as any other type of leave. On HRSimplified all 6 leave types are managed in the same process, Annual leave, Sick leave, Special Leave, Study Leave, Family Responsibility Leave and Unpaid leave.

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ESS Dashboard

HRMS Self Service Dashboards

Each employee receives access to their online personal dashboard where they can view and edit their Profile data (Address, and Contact Details), skills and qualifications, and work experience. View their full claims and leave history as well as all assets assigned to them and any stock they’ve ordered. Employee Documents, HR notes, assessments, review forms, and shared organizational documents are all stored in one place.

Personalised real-time data for everyone means less back & forth between staff and HR. Employees can view the status of pending leave requests and claim submissions, shift start times. Approvals for stock requisitions and consignments, timesheets, and hours worked can be accessed online from anywhere, anytime.

Employee HR Self Service allows staff to access and update important personal information (address, phone numbers, and email details) on their own. Now HR Teams spend less time tending to niggly admin requests i.e. Is my leave approved? and more time working strategically.

Online Claims For All Employees

Expense and overtime claims can be submitted directly from the employee’s fully responsive website Self Service Dashboard or the HRSimplified Genus Mobile app. Managers can approve these online and file away those complex paper-based forms for good.

All overtime claims can be submitted directly from the online Employee Self Service dashboard and approved in real-time. Stop struggling with costly paper-based requests filled with mistakes and handwriting you can’t read.

Get leave requests, overtime, and expense claims processed in minutes not weeks. Online, real-time HRM gets rid of expensive paper-based admin and improves productivity for hybrid & fully remote teams.

ESS Claim submit
HRSimplified My Personal section for Self Service

More than just a Dashboard

A “My Profile” allows the Employee to update his key personal data, like Contact details, Skills, work history and Qualification. Reducing the workload for the HR Department.

A personalised Job Description shows the Employee exactly what is expected of them to perform their duties.

With the My Finance and My Leave sections the Employee has visibility on their leave and claims requests, while also being able to look at historical requests, view leave calendars, and see Who else in the Department will be on leave. A Public holiday calendar will show the employee what days would be public holidays.

With the My Assets section the Employee can view exactly what assets are assigned to them by the company, allowing the employee to manage their assists better and to reduce risk to the business. With the Employee Requisitions it is possible for a Employee to place a internal order for consignment stock to assist them in their day to day work.

The My Documents section is a rather comprehensive section allowing the Employee access to many document type functions. This includes Shared Company Documents, shared Personal Employee Documents, Performance Review assessments (Final and to be completed) and HR Notes to allow things like Letters from HR to be signed and acknowledged online.

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Self Service:

Means your employees work more independently. Get them to access their own HR information, requests, and claims online from anywhere.

Built-in Workflows:

Means your HR processes are simplified and approvals get done in seconds without fussing with complex conditions.

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