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Employee Self Service and HRMS

With Employee Self Service, the workload on the HR teams are reduced and Employee Engagement increases.

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Leave Workflow for all 5 leave types

All actions on the platform are coupled with a strong notification engine that sends emails to all amm parties involved in the process. While not spamming the email boxes with unnecessary messages.

When a Employee needs to submit a leave request for approval to the manager, they can pick between 5 different types of leave, and quckly submit the request that will be sento to their reporting manager for approval.

As leave is approved the system automatically updates the leave balances and also offers the Employee to retract unused leave and credit untaken leave at a later stage. All this with full authorization processes for the direct reporting manager.

HRSimplified GENUS leave
HRSimplified GENUS Clean Dashboard

HRMS Dashboard and Self Service

With each Employee receiving full access to their own Dashboard in the system, they are presented with all the data they need, as well as submitting HR transactions for approval by their Managers for all HR functions.

All the data displayed on the dashboard that is personalized for the employee is related to the employees own data. The Employee does not need to ask the HR Team for any information, as the dashboards indicate real-time data and transactions, like a leave application.

With the Employee having access to their own data, the HR team does not need to support the employees for finding important information, the employees can also submit their on applications and maintain their own contact details and address information.

Online Claims for all Employees

Employees that have expenses and now need to claim can do so with out any paper based requests. The Expense claim be submitted online in the Employee Self Service dashboard, and send to the Manager for online Approval, making the entire process paper less and real time.

Employees that work over time and now needs to claim can now do so with out any paper based requests. The Claim for Overtime can be submitted online in the Employee Self Service dashboard, and send to the Manager for Online Approval, making the entire process paper less and real time.

With online paperless processes a leave request, over time or expense claim can now take minutes, rather than having to take days or weeks when dependent on Paper based request forms. Geographical separation does not impact the approval processes anymore, since the entire process is online and in real time.

HRSimplified GENUS Claims
HRSim Bot Mikey

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Self Service

Every Employee receives Employee Self Service, allowing them access to all their HR processes

Work Flows

With built in simplified work flows, approvals get done in seconds and no complicated conditions exist

“Having spent many years in the business solutions industry, HRSimplified came as a breath of fresh air to me. A well thought out solution, simple to use and straight to the point, HRSimplified won me over in no time with its functionality, clarity, speed and just getting the basics right. For any small business, HRSimplified gets the HR job done in no time at all allowing the real work to take priority for improved small business performance.”

Matthew @ MNewnham

Journalist and Author

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