The Challenges Start up face everyday

If you talk to the Founders of Start-ups, you find out that most of the time Human Resources is an afterthought and strategic HR is rarely discussed until:

– The company is in serious trouble financially
– A serious HR issue happens that might land the organization in court

Accurate record keeping of key HR data, like Employee Leave allowances, Personal records, Payments of claims, Next of kin and even Employee benefits is extremely important.

Most Small Business, or Start-Ups, are managed by a sole owner or an inexperienced management team, they lack revenue to implement the correct systems to ensure that compliance is in place.

How to overcome this:
Get an online HR system, it makes this easy:

– Online Employee data storage for quick access
– Store all Employee documents and contracts securely online
– Track all HR transactions that happen on the system
– Basic HR reporting must be available from anywhere
– Store Employee Benefits accurately and in one place

It does not need to cost an arm and a leg, HRSimplified Genus offers all these solutions in a single system at a affordable price.

See your Pricing page for more information.
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