Key Areas to focus on for Small Businesses

70% of businesses with up to 49 employees add HR onto the workload of employees with little to no experience. Some 23% of the time, these “HR managers” fill roles like office administrators and chief operating officers, while 12% work in finance.

So what are the top 5 priorities when it comes to HR? We can take a look at the five main areas you should focus on to effectively manage your employees, from recruiting to new hires to career development.

  1. Compliance and Establishing systems
    There are laws and standards every company with more than one employee must follow, some related to employee rights and others to employer responsibilities.
  2. Workforce planning
    Your HR strategies should be in alignment with business goals. Your HR department need to be part of your executive team in order to understand the goals of your company and to help you reach them.
  3. Administrative
    The Not-so-fun part of HR, but a necessary and important part of HR. This also ties in with compliance, a typo can cost a lot when it comes to the administrative side of HR.
  4. Recruiting
    This is not simply hiring new staff, this is strategic to define company culture and growth of the business.
  5. Training and development
    Career development is at the core of all employee growth, and company strategy, career development cannot happen without training.

Finally, having dedicated HR staff – even if it’s only a team of two – to handle all of the above can set your company apart from competitors.

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