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HRSimplified gives you the tools to bring out the most in your team.

99.9% of businesses today are small businesses and they are involving HR in leadership roles, requiring more HR involvement than ever before.

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With HRSimplified the leave and claims approval processes are moved online. It gets managed in a simple approval process, allowing the employee to submit the request to the manager and the manager being able to approve it in real time. No more paper files, no more missing records, the system automatically calculates the balances and other data

HRSimplified has an easy-to-use Task and Time management component that enables project management with a Agile task board and a “Check-in and Check-out” feature for employees to capture their time. This allows the manage to track work and automate time sheet generation for their staff.

With the comprehensive Employee Self Service in HRSimplified, employees can now capture and update their own HR data, submit their own leave requests, and even acknowledge company documents/polices. Enabling the Employee to manage their own HR will reduce the dependency on the manager to do it for them.

The performance management module in HRSimplified creates performance assessment templates that can be re-used with different durations & job titles. Setup a Template, add the pre-defined KPA’s, KPI’s & OKR’s and send it to your Employees for Self-Assessment. Capture the individual training needs during the review process to make sure a clear development path exists for each employee.

Are you tired of waiting on employees to submit something you need? With the Employee management you can take control when they don’t. Submit a leave request, complete a performance review, or add a HR note to the Employee record, even when the employee is not at work. Remote employees? No problem, a dashboard shows the manager key vital information like upcoming assessments, time off and historical data like promotions to help manage expectations.

HRSimplified is an Online HR System that’s easy to use and affordable. Start your Digital Transformation journey for Human Resources by using HRSimplified to transform your HR to a online Digital HR system. 100% paperless.

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“HRSimplified has helped us take the admin out of HR. Meaningful reports and safe storage of employee information. Overall great service and always looking to improve and innovate their product.”

Amelia Samuels

Omnicor HR Exec

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