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HRSimplified gives you the tools to bring out the most in your team.

99.9% of businesses today are small businesses and they are involving HR in leadership roles, requiring more HR involvement than ever before.

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With the automated HR analytics and reporting, the HR data is processed in real time and made available via Analytical dashboards and reports. When you get those tough questions from the Executive team you can now answer them with confidence, and even share the data with them directly to speed up decision making.

With the training module that is integrated with the performance management system in HRSimplified, it is now possible for the managers to select training needs of each employee from the training catalogue. This automatically populates the training management to record training costs, training planning, and even alerting on those all-important expiring certifications.

The HRSimplified system includes a Survey engine that allows the HR professional to setup and send surveys to employees. These can be custom surveys that are sent to individual employees, or pre-loaded surveys that can be sent to all employees. The system contains 6 x Employee Wellness and 3 x Health & Safety surveys that can be used as templates to create new surveys to check in on your employees

Many companies struggle with performance reviews that do not focus on the strategic vision set down by the Executive management team. KPA’s are setup to address non performance areas, rather than track KPAs that contribute to the Mission and Vision. With HRSimplified the OKR’s based on the Strategic session feedback can be setup and tracked, by linking them to the KPAs. This allows the executive team to see exactly how the scores contribute to the overall strategy and OKR’s

The core of any HRIS is the employee file, in HRSimplified more than 180 different data points are recorded for each Employee. HRSimplified allows the HR department to store anything from personal data, benefits & compensation data, documents, HR employee notes, leave allowances, banking details and much more. The extensive employee file in HRSimplified allows the storage of indefinite data that can be accessed from anywhere at any time, unlocking the ability for the HR team to work remotely as needed.

HRSimplified is an Online HR System that’s easy to use and affordable. Start your Digital Transformation journey for Human Resources by using HRSimplified to transform your HR to a online Digital HR system. 100% paperless.

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