The Challenge

Implementing new HR Software, online or onsite, takes time… a lot of time. Most HR teams will stick with their HR systems, even if it is outdated and inefficient, in some cases only focusing on HRIS and not really HRMS. Moving to new Online HR software or implementing a new HR system from scratch is a daunting task for any team. Lets look at how to quickly setup new HR Software.

HR Software setup

To setup new HR Software, be it cloud or self hosted, can be difficult and take long.

Implementing a Cloud based HR solution is not easy, how do you get all this paper files into the cloud? Where does one start to setup new HR Software, what is the process? You will need a team just implementing the new system, while the rest of the team continues the day to day HR activities.

Most of the time you will find that HR data is difficult to manage. The simple explanation is that it changes the all the time. Every month employees accumulate new leave. They get sick and use a Sick day. They get promoted or they get a increase.  Taking longer that 1 month to move form a paper based HR practice to a online HR solution will make it difficult to ensure all data is accurate.

Where do all the Human Resources data live? Do we have some of it in Electronic files, spreadsheets? Lists? Maybe a Payroll export file, or a Sign in register. Data can come from different places, but it is always a issue to have a consolidated view of your data.

5 Years


3 to 5 years to fully implement a HRIS from start to finish, including  HR Tech

6 Months


After selection process, it takes up to 6 months to implement new HR Tech

5 Months


The average selection time taken by Management to decide on a HR System

“HRSimplified is arguably the most user friendly HR solution in the market, their ability to simplify complex HR processes is astonishing. Built by keeping the unique needs of South African companies in mind, it represents the future of HR Tech, driven by Online HR Solutions.”

Andrew Karter Client
Elmen Lamprecht @ COGO People Analytics
Team working

The Solution

To setup new HR Software can be daunting, but it does not have to be.  A customer with a staff compliment of 120 employees recently joined the HRSimplified family. From Signing off the Quotation, until having all Employees loaded on the system with their Employee Self Service activated took 4 working days.

Things to look out for when implementing a New HRIS system.

  • Excessive time spent on manual entry and double entry
  • Increased employee complaints
  • Too much time spent verifying information
  • Slow or bogged down system
  • Information difficult to access
  • Difficulties switching between various automated systems

Planning is always the best defense when implementing a new HR-IS system.

Most systems will have copies of data for employees, the best possible approach is to investigate what system has the best copy of data, that is the most up to date and complete. Identify the gaps in the data and plan to correct this as soon as possible. HRSimplified has a Data and implementation team that can assist.

Once the data is identified and located, start gathering the data into machine readable formats, basically a Spreadsheet or a CSV file. Most payroll systems contain the data you would need, a payroll extract can be used to import the basic Employee data in a quick a clear way.

Employee Happiness

Employees that can access their own HR data are more happy than employees that cant


Implementation Time

With your data in place, you can implement your HRIS in less than a week


HRSimplified has helped us take the admin out of HR. Meaningful reports and safe storage of employee information. Overall great service and always looking to improve and innovate their product.

Melissa Dean Client
Amelia Samuels @ Omnicor

HR Executive at Omnicor

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