The Challenge

With any new Startup the focus will always be on operations and delivery and there is nothing wrong with that. With limited Funds and very little focus on compliance, most Startups and Small businesses fail to implement the basic tools to manage the compliance in their business. Without systems in place they struggle to scale and grow. This is how we can assist them to implement a HR System that includes HRIS and HRMS to manage HR Operations.

Challenges facing Start-Ups today

If you talk to the Founders of Start-ups, you find out that most of the time Human Resources is an afterthought and strategic HR is rarely discussed until:

  • The company is in serious trouble financially

  • A serious HR issue happens that might land the organization in court

Accurate record keeping in some kind of HRIS or HRMS, of key HR data, like Employee Leave balances, employee records, payments of claims, next of kin and even Employee benefits is extremely important.

Most Small Business, or Start-Ups, are managed by a sole owner or an inexperienced management team, they lack revenue to implement the correct systems to ensure that compliance is in place with regulations in South Africa.


Have no HR System

85% of Startups either don’t have a HR system or keep no form of records


Lost paper work

15% of all paper based HR forms are lost on their way to be approved by the approver


Failed the Audit

More than 50% of small businesses fail their HR audits because of poor record keeping

“We have started using HRSimplified and it has simplified how we manage our HR processes. Leave management and reporting is now so easy, we never realized how much time we use to spend on HRManagement in our company until now.”

Wimpie @ Nichecom

CEO at Nichecom

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The Solution

A few features that make implementing and Online HR system easy with HRSimplified GENUS:

  • Online Employee data storage for quick access

  • Store all Employee documents and contracts securely online

  • Track all HR transactions that happen on the system

  • Basic HR reporting must be available from anywhere

  • Store Employee Benefits accurately and in one place

HRSimplified GENUS helping the Start-up ensure compliance

With the intuitive user interfaces, no prior HR experience is required, its easy and user friendly like most new Web based platforms. Nothing to install, no server hardware required.  With a single subscription that includes everything a Start-up would need from a Online HR Software point of view and more, with additional modules to enable more features as your business grows.

With HRSimplified GENUS being an online HR solution it offers Start-up owners an affordable alternative to ensures compliance. As long as the data is input and maintained, and all documents are uploaded and stored, the compliance will be fall in place. With HRSimplified GENUS an Audit becomes a breeze. Everything you need at your fingertips, no more trying to find it in a paper file somewhere.

Self Service

Every Employee receives Employee Self Service, allowing them access to all their HR processes

Work Flows

With built in simplified work flows, approvals get done in seconds and no complicated conditions exist

“Having spent many years in the business solutions industry, HRSimplified came as a breath of fresh air to me. A well thought out solution, simple to use and straight to the point, HRSimplified won me over in no time with its functionality, clarity, speed and just getting the basics right. For any small business, HRSimplified gets the HR job done in no time at all allowing the real work to take priority for improved small business performance.”

Matthew @ MNewnham

Journalist and Author

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