Why Implement a HRIS – The Challenge

Most companies started out as a small Start up and have not updated their internal processes yet. Many Small to Medium organizations still have outdated Paper leave forms, spreadsheets to track leave and paper-based HR files. Of companies with more than 50 Employees, as many as 65% still use paper based HR.
This is why we need to implement a HRIS system.

Implement a HRIS system to reduce cost and time spent on Paper based HR forms and unstructured HR data.

Paper based leave forms are slow, get lost and are hard to find. This directly impacts the Employee and the Compliance of the Business.

Not having the Employee data or benefits stored accurately is dangerous. A single copy of the truth, not a paper file that was updated and outdated, is needed. Your employees know exactly how much leave they have, do you?

Reporting takes long, it’s difficult because the data is not available in one place, and you need to ask different people to supply you with the information you need to produce the report. How do you know they are all giving you the correct data?


Still use paper files

65% of HR teams admit to still using paper-based processes


Approve Paper forms

80% of HR teams admit to still approve paper-based forms


Struggle with filing

41% of of HR teams struggle with managing paper and filing

“We use to have a well-known HR solution but found it very complex and difficult to use. We have since moved to HRSimplified and simply loving it. It is easy to use and extremely powerful.”

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Implement a HRIS – The Solution

Implementing an Online HRIS, where all data is stored in the cloud, will allow for paperless processes to be implemented. The benefits to the organization includes HR reporting and increased employee happiness. Saving the organization thousands in labor costs.

  • Saving in Labor costs for Manual processes
  • Reduces time spent in producing reports
  • Increases the Employee Happiness and Engagement
  • Reduces Employee churn per department

Implement a HRIS to improved turn around time on HR processes and reduced HR overheads

Employees do not need to wait 3 weeks to find out of their leave for holiday time has been approved, it now only takes a few seconds to submit the request and to get approval form the manager. From anywhere at any time if you implement a HRIS system.

No more missing leave forms or misplaced approvals that impact the bottom line of the business.  Ensure that leave balances are updated in real time and accurate with auditable results. It is a well documented fact that up to 15% of revenue is lost due poor leave management.

With all HR records updated in real time, it now becomes possible to generate an accurate report in seconds where previously it had to be created by multiple individuals from multiple departments. Taking days and having a high probability for incorrect data.

Improved Reporting

Get HR reporting out of the box, with a HRInsights toolset to help you manage you KPIs


Accurate HR Data

With HRSimplified you only store one copy of your HR Data, ensuring it is always accurate


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