The Challenge

HR Professionals need people data to make decisions. Basic information, like how many Employees  do we have? How many people are there in a specific role, what is their salary bill every month.  What are the Employee Diversity figures, and what about the salaries and headcount per gender? These are all statistics that should be readily available at any time with HR Analytics .

HR Analytics are outside of the reach of most HR Professionals if they don’t have leading systems

In most cases the reason why a HR Professionals cannot report on their HR data, is down to the distribution of HR data across multiple systems, or they simply don’t have systems at all.  Having some of the data in a system, while sourcing data from other teams  cause delays in creating the reports and increases the risk of incorrect data.

In most companies only very basic HR and Employee data is available in a system, for instance in Payroll. Missing or limited data impacts how HR departments can report on their data. The more complex reports that should be simple to do, like Diversity reporting, takes weeks to complete.  An example of this is Employee Diversity reports for a Large Enterprise customer, where it would take as long as 3 weeks to prepare a Employee Diversity report.

Having distributed data sources like Payroll, HR-IS, and Time and Attendance systems complicates the reporting in HR. More and more HR professionals are attending Reporting and Analytics courses to allow them skills in analytics and report writing.

Reporting is only as good as the data that supports the report, most reporting environment will tell you this, we refer to this as “Junk-in, Junk-out”. if you have bad data, you will have bad reports. Without the supporting data sources, and the ability to extract the data in a quick and simple way, in a consistent format makes reporting extremely difficult.


Custom Reports

45,2% of HR Professionals spend time on Custom reports that they need to deliver


Accurate Data

37,1% of HR Professionals spend time on verifying the data they used for a report


Merging data

27,4% of HR Professionals spend time getting data from multiple systems

“HRSimplified has helped us take the admin out of HR. Meaningful reports and safe storage of employee information. Overall great service and always looking to improve and innovate their product.”

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The Solution

Having a single system like HRSimplified, now allows for reporting across multiple types of data, that until now has been located in different systems.

Having Time and Attendance, Asset management, Leave management, Employee benefits and even COVID-19 data in a single system, allows for rich reporting that can benefit the company.

With the HRInsights module, the complex data is summarized and made available in standardized KPI’s, available to the HR Professionals in real time:

  • Top Employees with high Annual leave balances

  • Employees that continuously abuse sick time

  • Leave liability payout values per department

  • Count of Employees per Job Tile

  • Count of Employees per Skill set

  • Salary spread across Gender groups.

  • Salary breakdown per Department in company

  • Other …

Implementing a single Online HR Information System makes reporting easy

Implementing a Online HR Information System, with a easy User interface that removes the complicated HR Data structures from the end users, now allowing the HR professionals and the Employees to use the system. Without knowing the data is populated that is needed for enhanced reporting. Giving the Employees self service making them happy, all this while capturing the data needed for the HR Professional to report using the accurate transactional HR data.

With prebuilt Dashboard type Analytics, called HR Insights, it allows the HR professional to see the statistics they need. Not all reporting is suited for a Dashboard layout, that data is made available as downloadable reports.

All reports in HRSimplified are ready to run, simply pick the values and run the report. In less than a second you will get your report in a Spreadsheet. Downloaded to your computer so you can use it as needed.

We have asked hundreds of HR professionals what HR KPI’s they need, we have delivered reports that answer those questions in detail and quickly. Adding new reports to HRSimplified is quick, send us a suggestion, and if it adds value to the HRSimplified customer pool we will implement it for everyone.

Diversity Reporting

From 3 weeks to produce Employee Diversity reports to having it immediately


HR Insights

With a built in HRInsights dashboard you will need less time reporting, and more time making informed decisions


“HRSimplified is arguably the most user friendly HR solution in the market, their ability to simplify complex HR processes is astonishing. Built by keeping the unique needs companies in mind, it represents the future of HR Tech, driven by Online HR Solutions.”

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