When a “Boer Maak n Plan” to Overcome Load-shedding

For the last few weeks South Africa has been troubled by rolling blackouts. Termed Loadshedding these two to three-hour power cuts are causing havoc for businesses and the South African economy is taking a knock too. Businesses are doing their best to remain operational during these challenging times and of course many are winning the day. Cloud based smart technology is helping small businesses overcome the power of darkness and one such solution is HRSimplified.

The Power of Darkness

While making coffee without power can pose a problem, maintaining HR is easy. For so many small businesses, managing HR means being in the office. However, when the power is down in the office a lot of small business owners can do very little without it, they cannot access their systems and they cannot work in darkness. Small businesses may have a UPS that provided just enough energy to power down their PCs and once that happens, they are dead in the water until the power comes back. This is where smart technology comes into play and no matter whether the power is on or off you can access your critical business systems from anywhere because they are in the cloud.

Eskom may cut the power, and with Stage 6 loadshedding now being realised the power cuts are more frequent, yet the mobile networks remain active (to a degree). The mobile networks are fast becoming a life support system in South Africa and while the cost of data is high, their being alive ensures companies can access all their information even when the power is off provided they have the right systems in place. HRSimplified stores all the HR Information of your business in the cloud and ensures your HR Management processes can continue when the lights are off.

Eskom-Busting Super Tools

Cloud based technology has been surrounded by concerns in South Africa and while it is being adopted rapidly there is still a worry about all the data being out of reach on some server somewhere that cannot physically be seen. Rest assured, the security around the servers used and the data stored on them is considerable and any fears can be allayed. Cloud technology becomes an Eskom-busting super tool that can keep a small business operational during the challenging times being faced at the moment.

HRSimplified works 24/7 and can be accessed anywhere, the technology is not reliant on Eskom to keep it alive. This means that during loadsheddng you can catch up on HR Admin rather than sit twiddling thumbs. Employees can access their leave and book leave from their phone knowing that it can be approved by the office even when the lights are out. Overtime and expense claims can be managed, and any HR related documents can be accessed and updated meaning if employees cannot actually work when the lights are down, they can at least be kept occupied saving time later.

The Power of the Cloud

Power failures do not affect the data in HRSimplified, the same is true with the majority of cloud-based technologies as the databases don’t become corrupted when the power drops. Cloud based systems have many inherent security features that make them a high consideration for any small business looking to defeat the harbinger of darkness otherwise known as Eskom in South Africa. Moving small business HR to an easy to use and affordable solution such as HRSimplified makes absolute sense as we enter a new decade. The electricity supply issues are not going to disappear overnight and in true SA style where a Boer Maak n Plan cloud-based solutions are very much the way to go.

We can all bitch and moan about Eskom, but the fact is that South African small business needs to adapt and do things differently, smarter, better and embrace technology. When it comes to HR Management, HRSimplified is the solution for the job and it makes a wise and sensible investment that will yield exceptional returns in years to come.

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