The Leave Mistakes Companies Make

Leave is an important part of working for a company. People are people and not machines and thus need rest. The amount of leave is governed by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act in South Africa, HR Simplified helps you comply with legislation. However, there are still some leave mistakes that many companies make.

Vacation Shame

Leave is something every employee is entitled to but there is a strange culture that surrounds taking leave that does create a degree of negativity. The “I am off on leave” followed by “I wish I could do that” is a common conversation in many companies and this kind of culture creates a fear of taking leave to the point where asking for leave is not done because of a fear of having leave declined. According to the closely watched Allianz Travel Insurance Vacation Confidence Index, as many as 25% of millennials are nervous about requesting time off from their employer and 48% of them are not using all their paid time off each year.

Leave is a positive side of being employed, it is governed and regulated because there are so many positives about taking leave. Leave deficit is becoming a growing issue in South Africa, at the end of the year people have leave outstanding they could have taken but didn’t. If there is a culture among employees of believing leave is not deserved or cannot be afforded then your company managers need to reverse this trend. HR Simplified clearly shows how much leave a person has and when the next leave cycle begins. With Employee Self Service leave can be booked and managed on a device, de-humanizing the process, and this makes taking leave easier for many people.

Staying in Contact when on leave

Leave is leave and employees need it to recharge their batteries. Many South African companies do their absolute best to ensure employees remain in contact when on leave and it gets to the point where employees feel obliged to stay in contact. With technology today, cutting contact with the office is not as easy as is used to be but cutting off entirely is a must. Forcing or subtly ensuring employees keep in touch is actually harming your business. With the leave processes built into HRSimplified, you can ensure that all responsibilities of an employee on leave are covered so the person does not need to be disturbed when switched off.

Poor Leave Policy Communication

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make regarding leave is communication of the leave policy and the process of applying for leave. HRSimplified clarifies every aspect of leave from how many days left to the type of leave, the system can also cater for companies that have close-down periods. One of the biggest errors made when managing leave manually is in leave calculation, an employee may ask for 5 days and without properly checking it is approved only to find out too late or after the leave has been taken that the employee only had 3 days leave left. These situations occur frequently when managing leave in a manual system and these mistakes cost money and always end up with a sticky situation that needs to be resolved. HRSimplified clarifies every aspect of leave in a manner that employees can understand that companies can benefit from.

Out of date technology

The final mistake companies make when managing leave is to use out of date technology or none at all. HR solutions have become more sophisticated in recent years and with the advances in cloud and mobile technologies systems such as HRSimplified have not only changed and improved the way leave is managed but also made it more affordable. Using dated technology can make managing leave more cumbersome and less reliable the manual systems and a review of the technology used to manage HR, especially in a small business, is a surely worthwhile exercise.

In Summary

HRSimplified is a powerful and tremendously affordable HR Management solution ideal for companies with up to 200 staff. To find out more about this incredible solution take it for a test-drive today at

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