Yes a Small Business Can Go Paperless

Going paperless is something many small businesses would love to achieve but they are either complacent and happy where they are or believe technology is just too expensive meaning paper is still cheaper.

Today a small business can easily make the move to a paperless office using smart, easy to use and affordable HR Management solutions such as HRSimplified. HRSimplified can run an entire HR department without printing out a single sheet of paper and do so for much less that you will ever believe.

Paper Everywhere

Many small businesses fail to remember just how far paper goes in their business. Paper is used in so many employee documents that are held on file that more paper than they imagine is being used. Paper files are stored securely in an HR or Financial Managers office, they take up space and they are notoriously difficult to access – especially if the keyholder is not around which is when Murphy comes to work, and the files are needed. People spend hours simply filing and even in 2020 filing clerks or their equivalent are still employed when with a system such as HRSimplified they are not needed. HRSimplified create a true electronic employee file where no paper whatsoever is required and time spend filing can now be spent productively running the company.

How can HRSimplified make a small business paperless?


In most small businesses contracts and their associated documentation such as copies of ID documents, driver’s licenses, certificates and more are all printed and then filed in a folder in cabinet. With HRSimplified contracts are completed and signed digitally and the accompanying documentation is uploaded and stored in a POPI compliant manner that is easier to access than any filing cabinet. Zero Paper Required.


In HRSimplified any claims can be captured electronically, and a simple approval workflow kicks in at the click of a button or swipe of a cell phone screen. Zero Paper Required.


Outdated Paper based Leave Management systems eat paper for breakfast. HRSimplified fully electronic leave management enabling an employee to apply for leave on any PC or Mobile Device. A workflow ensures leave is properly approved and the leave reasons noted with no need for any paper. Leave balances can be easily retrieved by any employee and view electronically. Zero Paper Required.

Other HRSimplified Paperless Features

  • Onboarding of new employees can be done completely online
  • All employee documents are stored in the cloud for secure and easy access
  • All staff training records are stored electronically and dated if they expire
  • All disciplinary information and records are stored in the cloud

HRSimplified Makes Sense

From as little as R20 per month per employee HRSimplified can reduce the amount of paper you use in your business and reduce the amount of time wasted managing and retrieving paper files that may even be out of date. HRSimplified makes absolute sense and you can try is free.

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