Get back to work after COVID19

To say that COVID19 has taken the wind out the sales of small and medium businesses and the economy on a global scale is an understatement. There is no doubt about it that small and medium businesses have a small mountain to climb as they get back to doing business and making money. But, things will never be the same and getting back to work after a pandemic with a virus still lurking in the background is far from coming back to work after a few weeks holiday. So how do we get back to work after COVID19? The team at HRSimplified has been thinking and two things stand out, health checks and compliance.

Return to work after Coronavirus

The slow and gradual easing of the full level 5 lockdown in South Africa is designed to contain the Coronavirus while firing up the economy simultaneously. The gradual return to work is a slow and in some ways frustrating process but at present, it is the only way, there is also no saying whether or not South Africa could jump straight back to full lockdown is the virus spreads too fast was the wheels of industry begin to turn again. Going back to work and opening up the places of work will require adherence to social distancing and cleanliness and hygiene. Companies may be obliged to register who is at work, where they have travelled from, how they travelled and so forth. Companies who take the threat of COVID19 will also monitor employee health closer than ever, taking temperatures of staff and recording them as well as looking out for coughs, sneezes and the coronavirus symptoms that we are very aware of. The workplace will be far more controlled and restricted.

Prevention, Control, Record

Because there is no cure for Coronavirus stringent measures are being put in place and companies that take things seriously will want to take extra measures to not just comply with government guidelines but prove they are doing so should there be an outbreak or incident in the workplace. Using an HR Management solution such as HRSimplified can assist with this. HR Systems such as HRSimplified are thinking out of the box and now including simple features that assist companies in monitoring staff movements and health matters. New procedures and processes such as taking temperature on arrival at the workplace and washing hands before entering a building will need to be implemented as well as providing information on where an employee has travelled from and the mode of transport used. This information becomes valuable in the fight against COVID19 and firstly in demonstrating that a company is following guidelines set out by the government as well as general health and safety surrounding the coronavirus. Secondly, in the case of an infection, the chain of events prior to infection or potential infection being identified and the necessary actions can be taken by authorities. COVID19 is as much about information as it is medicine and a simple report from a company can prove valuable and perhaps even save more lives. See more about this here

Easing out of lockdown

The South African Government has outlined a plan to gradually ease out of lockdown. The Five levels , with level five being full lockdown each have certain rules and requirements that companies going back to work need to adhere to. Of course, where possible working from home and not travelling are still recommended and using cloud-based technology such as HRSimplified the new way of working is easily and effectively managed.

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