Some critical factors need to be considered

Small and Medium Businesses all need to take the systems, processes and technology seriously. To get ahead and stay ahead in business, especially in South Africa demands technology and yet there is an inherent fear of implementing it and a vision that technology costs a lot of money. HRSimplified is a powerful HR Management solution that is priced in a manner that makes it affordable enabling it to deliver a superb return on investment in many ways. Here are the critical reasons your small business needs an HR Management System:

Improved Admin

One area of business that takes up copious amounts of time in any small business is recruitment and the eventual take on of staff. Modern, smart solutions such as HRSimplified make recruitment a breeze. With easy access to all the documents needed for recruitment to begin through to the managing of contracts and ensuring training and other requirements are taken care of becomes effortless. Capturing and strong copies of ID books and drivers’ licenses to create a true electronic staff record that brings short term and long term efficiencies and benefits to a small business that once again free up time to generate income.

Improved communication

Even in a small business with say 20 employees communication can be a challenge. An HR Management system such as HRSimplified makes communication easy and reliable. With powerful record keeping within the system discipline notices, employees’ safety trainings, accident logs and more can be safely stored and easily accessed to reduce risks and mitigate any liabilities. Through the use of POPI compliant storage manual record keeping is all but eliminated and the use of costly paper is reduced.

Better Decision Making

With a sophisticated and easy to use HR Management system decision making is made easier. Being able to produce reports on everything HR related helps make better, educated decisions with regards to the workforce. Needs can be identified, performance can be monitored and of course information relating to BEE can be easily accessed and acted upon. Disciplinaries become easier to manage and access to information at the click of a button is available. An HR Management system such as HRSimplified makes a big impact on the bottom line of any business.

Increased Productivity

The biggest and most critical reason for any small business to invest in an HR Management system is to free up time and boost productivity. Technology empowers people to do more and work smarter and my reducing paperwork HRSimplified excels in this arena. An advanced HR Management system such as HR Simplified creates a modern way of working and the small investment made each month soon brings changes and improvements that often see an HR Management system pay for itself rapidly.

In Summary

HRSimplified is a powerful and tremendously affordable HR Management solution ideal for companies with up to 200 staff. To find out more about this incredible solution take it for a test-drive today at

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