Saving you Money

Most small business don’t have their own infrastructure, things like a Server where that can install their HR solution. Let’s take a “cost effective” Small server that a small business would have to buy, will cost nothing less than R100K in the first year, that’s not even including support by some IT company (but more about this later). Or the building of a server room to put it in.

With having a cloud-based system you don’t need to have this upfront investment to get the tools you need to run your business.

Its quite to get going, not lengthy setup and install delays, not even talking about the back-order time.
With a cloud-based solution this is not needed, and with more and more business tools going online and cloud based, your likely already using some sort of cloud based solution, even if it is just Gmail.

You don’t need to maintain it

Very closely related to the first point, if it is running in the cloud, someone else is responsible for maintaining it, not your problem. If it is down, they need to fix it, if the server is getting slow or full, you don’t need to worry about it. Maintenance costs are expensive, in most cases more expensive than the equipment itself. You would also need a IT team to look after a onsite server, and not just one person, a team with different skillsets.

You can get to it from anywhere

Being cloud based, makes it available from anywhere. So if you are sitting at the camp fire with your feet up, and a urgent leave submission or expense claim needs to happen now, just pull out your phone and click-click its done!

If you are on the road most of your time, you cannot use a server that only allows access in the office, cloud based means you can get to it from anywhere.

We know the nature of small to medium businesses and their owners, you need to be involved in all your day to day activities and operations, this includes HR as well. You can’t stay in the office 24/7, you need something that follows you and is available where you are at any time.

Need more of it? No problem

The nature of small and medium businesses is that they grow quickly, they might double in size overnight. Having a cloud-based solution means that if you need more of it, just take it, you don’t need to “order” another server that will only arrive in 3 weeks.

It needs to be easy to increase your usage, and for that fact, also decrease your usage. Most cloud-based solutions are extremely good at this. So is HRSimplified as well, HRSimplified takes care of this for you, want to increase your employee count, no problem, just add them, and in the next invoice you will only start paying for them. No upfront or pro-rata payments

Move that liability

If you are not convinced to move to a cloud-based solution yet, you need to consider liability. There is a real risk in todays cyber world that personal information might be stolen. We read about it every day, some high-profile suppliers are hacked every day. If you are hosting your own information servers, you are liable for that. Can you afford it?

Needing to protect your data is extremely important, and costly. You need specialized skills and tools to protect your data. Its expensive to say the least, when you move your service to the cloud it offers a secure platform that is shared by many customers to the costs of this expense is shared by all the customers, making it more affordable for you.

HRSimplified was built with security in mind, and without getting to technical in very simple terms you can’t get to the personal data stored in the system, even if you wanted to. Everything is encrypted and protected by state-of-the-art technology to ensure complete privacy.

It’s someone else’s problem (passing the monkey)

The services HRSimplified offer as well as other cloud-based systems are continuously evolving and improving, new features are being added every day. Since you are sharing in this cloud-based solution you are also getting continues improvement in the products and services that are offered. If new features are added, you get access to them as well, no length onsite upgrades needed. It’s just there!

Same applies to the support of the system, it not your problem, it just needs to be online and working, you don’t want to worry about things like “up-time” and availability, that’s why you moved your service to a cloud based solution like HRSimplified.

As you can see its quite important for a business to not have to worry about these things, and why should you? As a business owner you can leave this responsibility with us and focus on your business and growing it as you need.

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