Helping the hospitality industry get back to work with HRSimplified

Finally, it has been announced that restaurants and places of entertainment can reopen after 3 months of tough lockdown. However, despite being allowed to open it is far from business as usual. As with other businesses that have been allowed to open as Level 3 of South Africa’s Lockdown slowly opens the economy up there are plenty of rules, regulations and terms and conditions. The Coronavirus is still very real, but the economy has been severely hit by the lockdown and the balance between trading and people remaining safe and healthy needs to be found.

The start of lockdown

Since the beginning of Lockdown in South Africa, HRSimplified has been doing its best to help businesses cope with the new normal and find ways to move forward. As challenging as things are, the economy cannot be held to ransom by COVID19 and HRSimplified has kept a close eye on all the rules and adapted and evolved just for these post-pandemic times.

HRSimplified Supports Business

First of all, HRSimplified tweaked its Employee Self Service functionality to assist companies manage their employees in the new work from home environment and this has helped many businesses. But when it came to going back to work new ways of working came into place and again HRSimplified looked at the rules and requirements and adapted. There was a clearly identified need whereby employees in the workplace needed to be kept safe from COVID19 while working. The government implemented a host of back to work guidelines for social distancing in the workplace, hand sanitizing, workplace cleanliness and hygiene and employee temperature testing. All this needed recording and a paper-based system simply would not be enough.

Monitor Visitors

Furthermore, as companies went back to work the businesses themselves could expect visitors. Controlling and containing the movement of people and subsequently the spread of the Coronavirus was the very heart of the lockdown and now with companies open for business this was, in effect, challenged. Visitors to business premises also need to meet the same stringent controls and monitoring as staff. Visitors need to be recorded and have their vitals checked, hands sanitized and contact with people controlled and all this must be recorded. HRSimplified has the solution and this same solution is perfect for restaurants, coffee shops, cinemas and so on that are now opening to the public.

Keeping a record of visitors in and out of an establishment is required by law under the regulations outlined under COVID19 Level 3 lockdown. Keeping an accurate track of these in a manner that can be easily accessed in the event of a COVID19 outbreak is essential, and it needs to be failsafe as well as easy to use.

COVID19 Solution

The HRSimplified Stand Alone COVID19 recording and reporting tool is based on the same robust framework and the HRSimplified HR Management and Payroll solution. Easily recording employee and visitor information digitally in real time has never been easier. Paper can look messy; the sheets of paper can become magnets for the Coronavirus itself as they cannot be wiped down and of course, handwriting is notoriously difficult to read and sheets of paper can easily be lost. The HRSimplified COVID19 reporting solution solves a host of challenges and is far more affordable than many will imagine. Furthermore, the digital solution looks a good and demonstrates that an establishment is taking the pandemic seriously, something patrons will want to be assured of.

Get the COVID19 Tool

Implementing the HRSimplified COVID19 tool in your restaurant, coffee shop place of entertainment is easy. No hardware is required, you don’t even need to install software. HRSimplified’s COVID19 tool is simply a click away and costs from only R15 per month!

Here is what you get:

  • Setup Branches and Departments
  • Capture unlimited Visitors
  • Capture unlimited Visits by Visitors
  • Capture unlimited Screening results
  • Configurable 5 Daily Questions
  • Optional – Setup and import of Employee records

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