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When you understand that the small big things matter, you will understand why HRSimplified GENUS is such a powerful Online HR Management Software for small and medium businesses in South Africa, a tool that will make the year ahead a breeze and provide vision like never before. It is said that big things come in small packages, and this is no word of a lie for HRSimplified GENUS, and to be honest, the solution is like a never ending, bottomless box of simple yet powerful Human Resource tools and solutions that take all the effort out of your daily HR tasks. HRSimplified GENUS is one of the most monolithic yet totally agile small business solutions on the market today, just like the Genie in Aladdin, with HRSimplified GENUS your HR Administrator’s wish, is its command.

Keep HR Management Simple

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The biggest challenge in business today is to keep things simple. Computerized Business solutions have been around since the late 1980s with early DOS based systems with clunky green-screens and even punch cards, and these were once state of the art. Over the years these systems have improved but at the same time they have become more challenging to use as they endeavor to offer greater levels of functionality. Very often, days of training are required and if a system is updated, more training is needed. Furthermore, many business solutions have become a jack of all trades but master of none and this has resulted in a grade average that most larger enterprises are perfectly fine with as they have the resources and expertise to run with it but is an overall mediocre way of running a business. However, in small business the list of capable resources to use a system that also have the relevant management permissions to perform certain duties is limited and this is where HRSimplified GENUS comes is. There is no scope for mediocre and yet there is little time available to be trained, systems used must be logical and self-explanatory with each click. HRSimplified GENUS is just that HR…Simplified.

Doing One Thing Right

The team that developed HRSimplified GENUS are data experts and are a small business in their own right. As focused experts in managing data they know that focusing on one small thing, especially a small big thing, always delivers something exceptional. HRSimplified GENUS is just that, it focuses on simplifying the day to day HR tasks and not just doing it well but doing it better than well. Making sure that every potential HR admin task could be completed in a simple solution that required little or no HR Management experience was key to launching what is now a quite remarkable business solution. Cloud based, packed with features that make HR a walk in the park and then priced so well that not using HRSimplified GENUS can actually cost more than using it. HRSimplified GENUS doesn’t do HR right it does is better by empowering people, embracing technology and transforming how small businesses do business.

Advanced Features Simple to Use

HRSimplified GENUS has a features and functions list that many large enterprise level solutions struggle to offer, some cannot, and this is where HRSimplified GENUS is a winner. Every feature in HRSimplified GENUS has been made… well… simple. The solution has every tool a small or medium business needs, and more, and some tools a small business never knew they needed. The basic features of HRSimplified GENUS are designed to make the clumsier and more time-consuming aspects of running a HR in a small company manually or using excel effortless.

These features include:

Under the Bonnet

A closer look at HRSimplified GENUS will change how you view an HR forever. The speed of the system is exceptional, and the screens are laid out in a clear and logical manner. Furthermore there are many different types of users so as users only see what they need to see. HRSimplified GENUS really needs to be seen to be believed, taking a free trial or attending one of the fortnightly demo webinars is where the real beauty of this remarkable HR tool is best understood. To find out more visit our features HERE

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