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With the end of the year approaching fast, we know that 2022 will bring with it new challenges that HR Professionals will need to face. Here at HRSimplified we would like to wish you a safe and healthy time with your loved ones as you take a break to recharge after the pandemic stricken year of 2021.

What HR can expect in 2022

Remote Working

Hybrid Workforces

With the Pandemic fresh in our minds, we have all been forced to work from home, or remotely. With larger percentages of the work force finding this to be the new normal, we have to prepare our HR teams with the tools they require to manage remote staff.

People Analytics

We are living the age of analytics, and it is unacceptable for HR teams to have less access to analytics than any other department in the company. HR teams need their own analytics to be able to make quick decisions and manage large teams of employees.

HR Analytics
HR Security

Employee Privacy and Security

Where GDPR and POPI are in the news headlines almost every day, it is clear that the privacy and security of employees personal data is very important. It is so important that we have never seems such a big international focus on protecting individual’s personal information. We need to keep their data save or face the consequences.

HR Processes Automation

Employees need to be be in control of their interface with HR processes. Automated leave balances and built-in authorization features simplify leave management for employees and managers. Staff can even retract unused leave or credit untaken leave at a later stage.

HR Processes
All in one HR MS system

Employee Management Apps

Gone are the days of having multiple applications or systems to achieve a single outcome. We need systems that can do more and cost less, why have separate systems for HR Information systems, HR Management systems, Time and Attendance, Asset management, and even Recruitment? Invest in a single system that does more and costs less.

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